On this page, you'll find a table of contents with links to all kinds of information regarding gifted African American students.

Table of Contents
Annotated Bibliography
This is a great page if you're looking for some resources about Gifted African AmericanStudents. It contains a list of research on many different topics about Gifted AfricanAmerican Students, from Identification to Teaching Strategies. Each referencehas a paragraph describing, summarizing, and even offering a small reviewof the source.

Nicole Ham

Barriers for Gifted
African Americans

This page explores the barriers that African American students face for both
identification and retention. Categories cover family barriers, social barriers,
academic barriers, and testing barriers. These barriers are all pulled from current
research in the field, and citations are included for further reading. This is a great
page for beginning to understand why underrepresentation of this population in
gifted programs is so common and persistent.
Nicole Ham
Tips for Teachers and Families of Gifted African Americans

This is a helpful page if you're a parent or an educator looking for tips on gifted African American students.The page includes book reviews, introductions to scholars, and many other helpful resources in regards to gifted African American students.
Lakyn Arnett
Gifted African American Males
This page explores the under representation of African American gifted males, specifically. The page discusses various barriers, including academic and social barriers, that Black gifted males face, as well as tips for educators (and parents). This page also includes a success story of a gifted African American male.All of the information on this page is pulled from research and there are even citations included for further reading.
Lakyn Arnett