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I had a great opportunity to interview a Second Grade student who is currently enrolled in the gifted program at our school. She was very articulate in the way she answered questions, especially for a Second Grader. Hopefully, you will appreciate some of the insight this interview gives about how students, specifically Hispanic Gifted students experience school. You can also listen to the audio version at the bottom of the page.

School Experience

Okay, so Deylin, how do you feel about school?
I feel pretty good because my mom and my dad know a lot, and I want to know it like him, because when I’m big, I want to show my kids also stuff that they don’t know and questions.

That’s really awesome. What’s your favorite part of the school day?
My favorite part of the school day is when we go out in recess.

What do you like to do out there?
I like to play vampires with my friends, the fourth graders, and sometimes I play with my sister that we’re horses, and that we get captured.

That sounds really fun. What about when you’re in the classroom what’s your favorite part of the day?
My favorite part of the day is when we get to read silently.

What kind of books do you read?
I like to read Christmas books, like Jan Brett books.

I like those too. Do you like the Gingerbread Baby?
Yes, yes.

I like that one a lot too. Are there any parts of the school day that you don’t really like?
I don’t really like when we have to take bathroom breaks and I don’t have to go.

I can understand that. What about in the classroom are there any parts that you don’t like, or maybe just that you don’t like as much, that’s just not your favorite?
Not my favorite part is like when we have to do the weather, pick our lunch choice, write our homework down in our agenda.

Why don’t you like those things?
I don’t like those parts of the day because it wastes my time from reading.

Being Bilingual

Okay, that’s really awesome. So how many languages do you speak?
I speak two languages. English and Spanish.

Yeah. What about the people at your house?
My mom, kind of. She a little bit English, and a lot Spanish. And my dad, both.

What about the other people at your house?
[My sister] and [My brother] both like me, and those are all the people at my house.

That’s everybody. How do you feel about speaking more than one language?
I feel more comfortable because when I don’t want people to hear me, I just want one person to hear me, and the other people talking just in one language, then I talk to them in the other language.

So you mean that you like to speak Spanish to people sometimes because some people can’t understand. Is that what you’re saying? So that you can just tell them?
Because they don’t get in our business.

That sounds like a good reason. Do you remember a time when you only spoke one language, or do you not really remember?
I remember when I was with my babysitter, and my sister was at school, and my brother was with me, and then they asked me to talk in English, and I’m like ‘Uh.”

How do you feel about speaking more than one language? I may have already asked you that question, but that’s okay.
I feel good speaking more than one language, because you already know why.

I already know because I asked you that question two times. What are some other good things about speaking more than one language?
The other good things are that I can talk Spanglish. English and Spanish. I do that a lot at home.

Tell me an example of how you might speak Spanglish.
So, if I wanted to tell my brother ‘What are you doing?’ I’m like ‘Alvarrito, what are you doing bro?’

I like that. Are there any bad things about speaking more than one language?
Bad things about speaking more than one language is that it takes a lot of time to recognize who talks in English and who talks Spanish.

Yeah, that’ makes sense. Has it been hard to be in school and…
No, not really.

How do you think you would feel if you could only speak Spanish now?
Oh, no. I wouldn’t be able to be in school, and my sister would have had to help me talk. Or like if my friends, they would have to teach me how to talk English, and stuff like that, and help out with my teachers and stuff.

Right. That would be a lot. How do you feel about the other students in your classroom?
So, I feel good with them, just that this student when I ask them something, they just ignore me. They think that I’m annoying and stuff like that.

Are there very many people that act like that, or that’s just one person that bothers you?
There’s three more people.

Three more people. And they just bother you? Yeah.
Sometimes they bother me and I just don’t listen to them because they are mean to me.

Who is your favorite person to talk to in your class?
My friend.

What’s her name?
My BFF, Pamela.

Pamela. What makes you like talking to her the most?
It’s because when I tell her something funny she likes it, and when I’m sad she makes me feel better and I can talk with her in Spanish also

Being Hispanic

Yeah. So, how do you feel about being—do you like to say Hispanic or Latina, or what do you like to say when you think about who you are?
I like to say Hispanic.

Hispanic. How do you feel about being Hispanic?
I feel good about being Hispanic because that’s how my mom knows herself, being Hispanic. And like I was born from her, so I’m Hispanic too.

Right, yeah. Do you think there’s anything that’s the most special about being Hispanic?
The most special about being Hispanic is that when you’re in one place and you’re Hispanic, and you go to another place and you can learn new things, and that’s how you can be Hispanic.

Oh, okay. Mostly, this is a lot like the person, about who you like to talk to, but is there anything different about the person you like to play with in your class or who you like to talk to in your class? Do you play with other people outside of Pamela?
I play with Fourth Graders sometimes because Pamela, she starts doing boring shows with her other friends. I really don’t care I just go play with my sister and the other Fourth Graders.

Experience in the Gifted Program

How do you feel about going to Spectrum?
I feel really good about it because we do lots of fun things. And we get to do lots of projects. Sometimes we get to even learn about Chemistry and stuff like that and we get to do fun things there. And when we do good things we get a prize, not only a dojo point, but a prize.

What kind of prizes are there?
There’s like these sunglasses, these bows like this.

Oh my goodness that’s a cool bow, I’ve never seen one like that before.
You can brush your hair with it.

Oh, nice. And then what kind of activities? You were telling me about your Prezi that you do.
I kind of do, like one time Ms. Brown asked me to do a bubble map of what I liked to do, and I put ‘Deylin likes’ and then I started putting little bubbles of what I like to do, and she told me to pick the one I like, and I like swimming, so I picked that one. And then she told me to write down problems that there was about swimming. And I wrote down that lots of people can choke and there’s lots of danger in it. And some people don’t listen to the signs that say no eating, and no diving, and you can hurt yourself if you don’t listen to those things. So, then when I started researching about it, and I wrote down all my answers to my questions. And then Ms. Brown told me to pick a product about what would I want to do about swimming, and I picked Prezi because I love Prezis and my friends do too. So then I picked it and just started writing everything down, and then when I was finished I told Ms. Brown that I was finished, and then when she was checking over it, she gave me feedback because I had to make sure that I did all my capital letters, things that I had punctuation, and I didn’t do—things didn’t make sense in my things, because I was thinking it.

Sometimes when you just think things in your head and then you write them down, you didn’t get all of the parts that make sense onto the paper.
Yeah, exactly. And I like feedback. I like feedback because then when you do something new and your friends are not doing it, and you have questions about it, instead of asking the teacher you have to ask your friends, but sometimes if your friends aren’t doing the same thing they’re like ‘I don’t’ know because I’m not doing that.’

Would you do those kinds of things in your regular, in Ms. Juliano’s class?
Um, no, not really because Ms. Juliano wants to be fair to everybody. So, like one time I heard this, my friend told me about this kid, that was in a class, like in Spectrum or something like that, and his teacher told him that he could do a Prezi about stuff, and the other kids didn’t know what a Prezi was, and the other kids got sad because they wanted to do the same thing, and the wanted it to be fair. But it made them sad, and his teacher told him to, sorry about the Prezi and everything, but she wanted it to be fair to the other kids, because she didn’t them to be sad. So then, he just started doing the same things just that he wasn’t catching up to his other friends.

How would you feel if you could only do things that were fair?
I would feel good because I like things that are fair, I don’t like to be mean to other people. And I’ll still get to do it in Ms. Brown’s class.

Do you think school would be as fun if you couldn’t go to Dr. Brown’s class too?
Um, I don’t know about that.

That’s a hard question. So, is it nice to have that time where you can have that time to go to Dr. Brown’s class?
Yes, because then I can miss out on this CGI thingy majigy where they have these word problems that say ‘Mrs. Herron had 6 berries. She ate 3 of them. How many are left in the bowl.’

Right. Why don’t you like that?
I don’t like that because then I already know the answers and stuff like that and they tell me to like write it down, use a number sentence, explain how you solved it. And then I have to wait for my other friends to be finished.

So you get to miss that when you go to Dr. Brown’s class? Gotcha. So what do you think it means to get to go to Spectrum? Like why do you think you get to go to Spectrum?
I think I get to go to Spectrum because like last year I was on a Fifth Grade reading level and my friend were like in Third, Second, reading level.

Maybe First, since you were in First grade.
And like other friends, they were like on the same level as me, like my friend Kimberly, Cooper, Gabby, Megan, Israel, Marquis, Devin, all of those kids got to go with me because they were on the same reading level as me, and also I don’t want to say this but maybe because I was kind of smarter than them.

Okay. Yeah, I mean, that’s okay to say. It’s okay to know you’re smart. So, what are the other students in your spectrum class like? You told me a little bit, but maybe more about their personality? You were telling me they were on the same reading level, but what about their personality?
Personality is…so, their personality

Personality, like are they nice, what are things that they like to do? That’s what I mean, that’s a really good question.
So, they’re kind of the same as me because they like to do lots of projects and stuff like that, but sometimes when they miss out, like its more fun because when I pick some things, then they like get two and they pick the same thing, and they miss out, then I could pick it and thy can’t because they’re out.

What makes them get out?
It makes them get out because sometimes they might be sick or they’re tardy. The sick part is really sad. And they also, they can also move. That’s also a very sad one.

Yeah. That makes me really sad. We had a student who moved and it made us very sad recently. Who is your favorite person to talk to or play with in your Spectrum class?
My favorite person to talk to is Israel O, a boy because he is always funny. He’s our class clown. The other girls they just be like sassy and they like, when I’m asking them questions just are like ‘Why do you need to know?’ or ‘Why do you care?’

Are there other Hispanic girls in your Spectrum class?
There used to be a Hispanic girl in my class that was Kimberly but she moved because her dad had to work from Athens all the way to Atlanta, so they moved closer to Atlanta.

How do you feel about that?
I feel very sad. She was the other friend of Pamela and Pamela’s my other friend, and we always do things together, we were the best friends ever until she moved. And then we started fighting, kind of started fighting and stuff like that.

So Kimberly helped you guys be together. I think the only other question, basically just is there anything else you want to tell me about your experience in Ms. Juliano’s class or at school even last year, or is there anything else you want to tell me about Spectrum?
Can I tell you more about when we were making a, when me and my partner, were making show for the little guys, the Kindergartener’s and First Graders.

Was this in Spectrum or in a different class from Spectrum?
Spectrum. So, me and this boy we were talking about the weather in Ms. Brown’s class and Ms. Brown told us to write down on a sticky note, don’t let nobody see, a kind of weather, it doesn’t matter which weather, it can be a severe kind of weather, it can be a normal weather, stuff like that, hail. And I put Tsunami because I heard my mom say that there was this hurricane, in, I forgot where, but it hit close to where she lives when she was little, and I wanted to learn more about the Tsunamis so did another boy, his name was Marquis, so Ms. Brown partnered us and we were going to make this little show for them, and I’m like, his name in the show was Max and I was Lilly, and Ms. Brown was in it too. And I’m like ‘Hey Max, don’t you like the beach?’ And he’s like ‘Yes, I do Lilly.’ And then I’m like ‘I like the waves.’ And then he’s like ‘I don’t because my great great great great great great great great great grandfather had to pass over a Tsunami when he was little.’ And then I’m like ‘Yeah. I don’t like Tsunamis either.’ And then Ms. Brown, she’s the mom of Max, she’s the mom of Marquis, and she’s like ‘Kids come inside, a Tsunami is coming.’ But we saw a big wave, but it wasn’t really a Tsunami. And then his mom is like ‘Kids! Come in here! A Tsunami is coming!’ And then we started running to his mom and we’re like ‘Ahhh!!’ And then his mom is like ‘Just kidding. But you have to get ready to go to school.’ And then Marquis, Max is like ‘Mom.’ And then I’m like ‘Can we go walking Ms. B?’ And she’s like ‘Yes.’ And then we started talking about all the things about Tsunamis and things like that, and then we walk back to school and Ms. Brown was still the teacher, and then she said, ‘Okay, guys today we are going to learn about severe storms, and the first severe storm that we’re going to talk about is a Tsunami.’ And then Ms. Brown, like the real Ms. Brown, she really told me to like after she says that, then we might could, like Ms. Brown, the teacher, I could be saying all the things that me and Max said about Tsunamis and it would teach more the little kids about Tsunamis, and Ms. Brown told us all about Tsunamis that she knew, in our little show. And we still haven’t presented it, but we’re about to because we still haven’t filmed it. But we’re about to, we have to practice our lines and get Ms. Brown ready because then she like talks to other kids about this stuff, and that stuff. And she said that she was going to come with us a time that she’s free.

That’s hard to find, she has a lot of jobs. So that’s something that you’re working on right now that you really like. That’s awesome. Is there anything else that you can think of?
Not really. I was going to tell you about Kimberly, but it’s going to make me cry.

Oh, then don’t do that. I don’t want to make you cry. I’m so glad you came and talked to me Deylin.

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