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Who are the highly gifted?
Genius, Gifted, Prodigy, or Savant?

Most people confused the meaning of the genius, gifted, prodigy,or savant in daily life. Here are the definitions.
Each one has somewhat different meaning.
Please check it !
IQ criteria & Admission for magnet school
One common criteria for the highly gifted based on IQ
Frequently Asked Questions: Profoundly Gifted Students & Gifted Education
Check these questions that you can think of.
How are highly gifted students different?
some valuable information and tips to help your child succeed in school and in life.
Though their intelligence is clearly the most prevalent feature, ironically, it may not be the first thing
Common Characteristic
You can find lots of Characteristics of Highly GiftedIndividuals rather than IQ.
E.G.) *An unusual capacity for memory
*A long concentration span etc.
Supporting Educational Needs of the gifted
Depressive Disorder in Highly Gifted Adolescents
Stereotype: HG kids should automatically do well at interacting with others. But, opposite.

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Profoundly gifted kid on Music

Gifted Math Students (feature & tips)


Why gifted may not be what you think

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