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Additional Literature

  • Sharon Draper wrote a fictional novel called Out of My Mind about Melody who is a teenager with cerebral palsy. Melody's school is beginning to include her and her classmates in the general education classroom where she discovers that her school has a quiz team. Draper also did an interview about her novel and how Melody's story is so universal.
  • Distinguishing Characteristics of Gifted Students with Disabilities is a reference book that helps parents, administrators, teachers, etc. identify twice exceptional students.
  • Susan K. Johnson also wrote a book called TONI: Test of Nonverbal Intelligence. Since some physically disabled students cannot communicate verbally, Johnson has developed a language free test that takes 15 minutes to administer. This book has gone through several revisions and updates.
  • 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter is an academic journal that discusses the topic of gifted students with disabilities further. There are resources on how to identify, meet needs, and serve twice-exceptional students.
  • The National Education Association has an article on the importance of identifying twice-exceptional students with some case studies as examples.